ir. Robert Kok (MSc)Clean Tech / Transport & Logistics lead

Robert Kok is  Clean Tech / Transport & Logistics lead at Revnext. He has extensive experience in solving complex strategy and policy problems in settings where many stakeholders and interests are involved. For example, he was lead consultant and lead author of extensive studies into the Dutch taxation system for cars and CO2-based fiscal incentives for low-carbon vehicles for the Ministry of Finance. In addition, he developed the CARbonTAX model to enable impact assessment of this multibillion-euro policy plan.

Robert Kok is a highly recognized consultant with a wide network in the sector of Transport and Logistics. He is specialised in disruptive technologies at the frontier of sustainability, automotive and IT. He advocates for confident implementation of technological innovations. Also, he won’t hesitate to tell top management that the existing business model will become worthless in the next couple of years. Besides his work, Robert Kok dedicates his time to the Delft Technical University as external PhD-researcher on the topic of ‘the reduction of CO2-emissions in the transport sector’ and is enthusiastic about all electric and self-driving vehicles, vessels and drones. He publishes in scientific journals and makes regular appearances in international forums.