Revnext Lab

Everyone is talking about how high-tech developments will constantly change the world, but few are finding out how this will unfold. For example, which technological developments will bring about the greatest change for our labour market, agenda for sustainability, tax system and security?

The capacity to innovate is a crucial competency in order for an organisation to grow and be successful in a changing world. That is why Revnext invests a substantial amount of its own profits in Research and Development. This investment is used to finance, among others, the Revnext Lab.

The Revnext Lab is a breeding ground for innovation. In the Lab, we work together with partners not only on issues that we find important and that inspire us, but also on issues for which no resources have been made available. The issues we examine in the Revnext Lab are typically characterised by a combination of high-tech technology and social impact. Such as investigating the social impact of Artifical Intelligence and setting up an unorthodox incubator for hack talent.

With the investments that we make in the Revnext Lab, we aim to give young talent the opportunity to gain relevant professional experience. For our partners, the Lab is a place they can come to with their own needs and ideas for innovation. The innovation lab can also be used as a jumpstart for acceleration and breakthroughs.


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