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Cyber Security

Those who believe the world is becoming increasingly digital are living in the past. The world is already digital. IT has been around us for over three decades and the Internet is a quarter of a century old. One thing we do know for certain is that the dangers within this world are becoming greater. And with them, also the inability of organisations to protect themselves grows. Large-scale data leaks, cyber espionage, hacking and IT sabotage are no longer breaking news, but instead almost daily routine.

Over the past years, a lot has been done to raise awareness about the threats of the digital world. We must certainly continue to do so. However, Revnext recognizes that we have already arrived at the next phase and that new measures must be taken to mitigate these threats. While having knowledge about the imminent dangers is important, empowering organisations to take action is crucial.

Cyber security is not a cost

In a market where fear sells, cyber security is often seen as a necessary cost to protect against cyber threats. Revnext takes a different approach, working with cyber security as an integral part of organisational strategy. Our experience has shown that the strategic application of cyber security is necessary in today’s digital landscape to gain a comparative advantage over competitors. We support our clients to achieve a stronger market position by integrating smarter cyber security measures into their core processes.

Revnext does this as follows:


Ranging from a full analysis of the cyber risks within an organisation to second opinions about existing cyber security solutions, to the implementation of integrated solutions to manage the risks identified.


Determining investment priorities during political volatility, quick and adequate response to developments in policies and governance, and the translation of national and European policy priorities to execution at the operational level.


Developing business cases and strategic propositions to ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Strategic Monitoring, Forensics and Evaluations

Revnext has a sound track record when it comes to newsworthy impact assessments and evaluation studies for ministries, municipalities and companies. Many of the great challenges within organisations are connected in some way to their IT-environment. IT is an integral component of the core processes of any organisation. Therefore, the work we do at Revnext is increasingly focused on the analysis and assessment of large IT (transition) projects and IT management. Our key objectives in such IT projects are the management and improvement of the services provided by organisations and the formulation of key performance indicators (KPIs).

A growing organisation faces an ever-changing environment, which calls for smarter investigation techniques. That is why we invest heavily in digital investigation techniques and special tools for the analysis of digital traces and evidence. Not only do we look at mistakes made within an organisation, but also we share our insights and recommendations for the future. Our experts have extensive experience and expertise in the evaluation of large-scale projects. Revnext has a strong profile when it comes to the analysis and the identification of underlying key factors for success and failure.

Clean tech

With the revolutionary developments in the field of clean tech, we no longer have to rely as heavily on traditional fossil-energy-based options such as diesel cars, natural-gas heating and cooking, coal-fired power plants and oil as a “lubricant” for economic growth. Many car manufacturers are moving away from the use of gasoline and diesel technology and are investing heavily in electric and autonomous driving. New residential areas are being decoupled from natural gas and the costs of offshore wind farms in the North Sea have dropped drastically. Technological innovations are taking us towards zero emissions and towards realising a circular economy, making it possible to look beyond the dogma of the human being as a polluting consumer.

Revnext advises governments in how best to prepare the society of tomorrow for the (positive) disruptive impact of clean tech and companies in how best to (radically) adjust their business models accordingly. We take state-of-the-art technological trends such as electric mobility, autonomous driving and decentralised power generation and storage and translate these into sustainable strategies to make the transition towards a clean, smart, cost-effective and safe society.

Transport & Logistics

Northwest Europe is leading in the area of transport and logistics. This sector is increasingly defined by advanced technological developments. Transhipment terminals in ports are increasingly being operated from computer screens instead of from container cranes. Warehouses are automated and robotised to achieve efficiency and fast delivery of a growing number of online orders, to be delivered at the convenience of the customer. Freight trucks have come to resemble a driving cockpit with a process operator at the wheel, where it won’t be long before an “autopilot” button is added (e.g. truck platooning, self-driving trucks). Freight trucks are cleaner and more fuel-efficient than ever; some are even fully electric. The technological advancements also have a significant impact in the area of human capital. The job of a truck driver and warehouse operator will soon require a very different set of competencies. The experts at Revnext have a long and intensive working relationship with this sector. From innovative labour market policies and supply chain innovations to inspiring strategies to reduce CO2 emissions in transport and logistics are just a few topics we address with our expertise and unique approach.



Healthcare organisations, as well as healthcare professionals and patients are of great interest to the tech industry. The result is a multitude of innovations and new applications with the objective of making healthcare more affordable and more efficient. At the same time, the e-health revolution uncovers important questions and risks concerning data management, legacy issues in medical equipment and the protection of patient information. Revnext invests in the development of e-health solutions that put patients/clients first. This means special attention for the primary care objectives and the embedding of security/privacy by design. Furthermore, Revnext advises parties in the healthcare supply chain regarding the implementation of e-health solutions. Through workshops and seminars, we contribute to raising awareness and sharing knowledge of current e-health issues.


According to some privacy is a fundamental human right. Others call the protection of privacy a necessary evil in our modern data-driven society. Whoever is right, fact of the matter is that the 21st century has given an enormous boost to the privacy debate and introduced new concepts such as digital autonomy and the right to be forgotten.

Revnext supports organisations in the transformation of processes, IT-systems and governance to comply with privacy requirements such as the GDPR. Our aim is to not only meet the existing requirements, but to enable organisations to respond to changes and improvements of privacy regulation (as a result of legal developments). To achieve this goal the experts at Revnext provide tailor-made and pragmatic privacy solutions.  Their approach balances privacy and security, and takes into account the effect of regulations on day-to-day activities. According to Revnext complying with privacy requirements should never lead to additional bureaucracy. Privacy solutions must remain feasible and reasonable for all.

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