Steven Djohan (MSc)Forensics / Investigation lead

Steven Djohan is partner and Forensics / Investigation lead at Revnext. Additionally, he is responsible for the management of consultants and researchers within the office. In recent years, Steven Djohan has led and conducted various newsworthy impact assessments and evaluation studies for ministries, municipalities and companies. In line with this, he has investigated the impact and implementation framework of large nationwide IT products such as the “OV chip card” (public transportation travel pass) and the Electronic Patient Records in the healthcare sector. Moreover, he has analysed social and technological innovations in the security and transport sector and led studies regarding large government ICT projects (for the Dutch House of Representatives) and operational challenges faced by government bodies (e.g financial organisation of the Amsterdam Municipality).

Steven Djohan has a management background and is considered a pioneer in the field of IT and independent research. At Revnext he takes a stand against traditional (bureaucratic) evaluations and surveys and advocates the use of especially new forensic technologies. Additionally, he supports various start-up clients to become more innovative and help further develop their own organisation.