Publication evaluation of the Strategic I agenda for the Central Government

In recent months, Revnext has supported Strated Consulting in conducting an evaluation of the strategic ICT policy of the Dutch Central Government. This evaluation, commissioned by the CIO-Rijk directorate (part of the minBZK), has now been presented to the House of Representatives. The full report is public and can be found at:

The evaluation offers both a review of the strategic I-Agenda Rijksdienst 2019 – 2021 and lessons/points for attention for the future. The organization’s capacity to change was specifically monitored and audits/evaluations by, among others, the Netherlands Court of Audit, the Advisory Board for ICT Testing (formerly BIT) and the Central Government Audit Service were taken into account. The evaluation has shown that much is going well and has improved, but IT requires continued attention and improvement. Certainly in order to be able to give better guarantees in the future that ICT projects do not go beyond scope, budget and time.