Mary-Jo de Leeuw speaker at The Telegraph Cyber Security Conference in London!

On May 25th, Revnext Associate Partner Mary-Jo de Leeuw will be speaking at The Telegraph Cyber Security Conference in London. The event is an intimate, senior-level meeting bringing together chief executives, board directors, and leading senior information security experts from companies actively engaged in developing a secure business environment.


The Telegraph event takes place at the Savoy hotel, and unique London venue on the River Thames. Mary-Jo de Leeuw has been invited to elaborate on her recent initiative for a “Cyberwerkplaats” or “Cyber workshop” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. More info on this initiative can be found here:


During her presentation Mary-Jo de Leeuw will share her ideas on stimulating college drop-outs to develop 21st century skills. Furthermore she will discuss her vision of life-long learning in cyber security.

About the Conference

The Cyber Security conference 2017 will provide a security methodology for chief executives and board members to implement within in their organisations. Practical sessions provide hands-on knowledge that senior business leaders can implement, while keynote addresses and panel discussions explore latest developments and proven, results-driven case studies from diverse sectors, including finance and pharmaceuticals.

Key themes that will be addressed during the conference include:

  • Keeping the country safe and productive
  • C-Level culture and learning from experience to prepare for attacks
  • Preparing for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • The Cyber Security Health Check
  • What to do when… Hope for the best, but don’t forget about preparing for the worst
  • Quantifying the value of cyber security
  • Reputational damage & recovery
  • The evolution of business assets
  • Biometrics security demonstration
  • Academia, government, academia: The critical triple helix for the security of UK business
  • Supply chain strategies

More info: