Revnext joins Panteia and MuConsult

Rotterdam, July 3, 2023 – Revnext immediately joins Panteia and MuConsult. With this connection, the three leading agencies can focus even better on the growing demand for advice and data-driven research for the issues of tomorrow, such as mobility, transport, data science and cybersecurity. The three agencies will join forces and make use of each other’s expertise and continue to operate under their own names.

Robert Kok, partner Revnext: “We look forward to joining forces with Panteia and MuConsult. With our forward-thinking way of working, track record and specific expertise on social issues, combined with the expertise and network of the other two agencies at governments and social organizations, we can only strengthen each other.”

Revnext focuses on, among other things, the energy transition to zero emissions for passenger mobility, freight transport, as well as important issues within the logistics and transport sector. For example, the agency was recently involved in the elaboration of the Cabinet plan for a system of ‘Pay according to use’. In addition, Revnext has a strong portfolio in the field of cybersecurity, digital forensics and innovation. For example, the agency focuses on the question of how the new European Directive for Network and Information Security (NIS2) should be implemented within Dutch municipalities and vital infrastructure, but it has also introduced the CSI-010: Digital Forensics course for young people who are interested in detecting hacks and collecting and securing evidence to prove these hacks.

With the connection of Revnext, the three agencies will create new connections between domains such as influencing behaviour, ICT, the labor market, sustainability and mobility. Jan-Willem Siebers, general manager of Panteia and MuConsult, who will lead the new group, says: “With Revnext we add unique data-driven expertise in the field of energy transition & mobility and cyber security & forensics. This offers great opportunities to bridge the gap between policy and practice and between regional, national and European policy.”

In the collaboration, the three brands and management remain unchanged, as do the office locations in Amersfoort, Rotterdam and Zoetermeer. Revnext founders Robert Kok, Anouk Vos and Steven Djohan remain actively involved with the agency and the group as founding partners.